Oracle Cards Reading

If you feel like it, I suggest a card reading in your Akashic memories, your past lives.

This reading will help you to become aware of the blockages or pitfalls that hinder your life path. This will bring a new light on certain past life situations in order to heal them. A different perspective on the subject that concerns you, in order to perceive things from a new angle; like with new glasses!


Depending on the guidance you wish to obtain around a theme, I connect to your totem animal and transmit these messages to you via a channeled letter.

Finally, if you are more in personal exploration mode, I offer you a guided meditation. During this meditation, it is possible to explore a trauma or a blockage related to a previous life that is present in this life in order to be released. It is also possible to work on a gift in order to better master or develop it. The whole process consists of a one-hour session via zoom.



Spirit animal reading

A channeled letter from your spirit animal. Would give you guidance and clarity on your path or next steps.



Guided meditation via zoom to explore a blockage or a gift.



Akashic Reading

Akashic Record YouTube video and some oracle cards pulling. 



Request your card reading

Once I receive your request, I will contact you for the next steps. Your reading will be sent to you in a private video or a pdf. doc. once the transaction is completed. 

No refund.